Driver’s diaries of Barking escorts – it is not just driving

Amazing Leggy Girl - Barking EscortsMost people grow up dreaming of becoming heroes or something but it is actually an interesting job to be Barking escorts. No one would guess it is so great and fun. It is a fact that it can introduce you to a lot of beautiful women who are professional Barking escorts and to a lot of experiences.

One day I just saw an advert in a website that stated something like that: “An agency of Barking escorts is expanding! We are looking for reliable drivers with an own vehicle. The job is simple and rewarding, but demands decency. You will be driving Barking escorts to their dates around the aria.”

I would never expect or imagined myself as a driver of Barking escorts for 123LondonEscorts. And especially because I think of myself as a man who is from a good background and well educated, someone who had a respected profession and career. I had a beautiful home and a very close circle of friends who I enjoyed and can rely on.

And here it is my story, started with a local Bromley paper looking at back pages, where are some naked pictures. The thing that dragged my friend attention was actually the gorgeous lady that was on the picture of the ad. There was a big text advertising the Barking escorts and London escorts and their prices of just £80 per hour. And while my man was just enjoying the picture and thinking of booking for himself, I spotted the little text in the corner “drivers wanted”. I just had to answer few questions on an email and have a car to drive these sexy Barking escorts around.

As everybody can imagine, there were many comments from my friends about this idea of mine. Some were expressing their dreams of working with some sexy Barking escorts from 123LondonEscorts and all the sexual fantasies around that, probably coming from porn films. Others were offering third friends who would be perfect for the job because of their love or mania about sex. Somehow they imagined that this qualifies them as great drivers of Barking escorts, which doesn’t make any sense.

But sex and Barking escorts is a really serious business in London and from the interviews and all information that I found it a bit confronting. But still I was excited to get this as an additional income and it was promised to be significant income for an easy night drive of some beautiful ladies from Barking escorts. It is great money for a single person without any qualification. And the good part was it was cash in hand.

It is not as easy as people think is to be a driver of Barking escorts

First of all if you have just started a family or have small kids forget being Barking escorts’ driver. The hours that you are supposed to work won’t work out with a family style of living. The job usually starts at around 7pm and weekends you have to work Busty Brunette - Party Escortsuntil 7 in the morning, because the last client of Barking escorts who want some fun are in the morning. Well there are some party mornings when they stay all the way to lunch time. And of course it comes time that you will need to explain to your wife what are you doing all night with a beautiful girl from Barking escorts in the car next to you. I wish you good luck with it.

The second thing is that it is all about the location. The drivers have to drive and wait around the area as Barking escorts are supposed to serve clients in a short notice. You have to stay and wait in your car with the girl next to you in Barking region. And when there is a booking drive straight to the customer. Which means no longer than 20 minutes and the guy will get his Barking escorts in his place ready to party or whatever.

So when someone books Barking escorts the agency is sending you the address and off you go. You need to literally stop whatever you are doing (most of the time just having a nap in the car) and to make sure you get the lady from Barking escorts to where she needs to be with minimum time and then wait outside in a close distance if she needs something or at least to pick her up after and take her to the next booking.

Offering sex in not any more the most important for Barking escorts. Good conversation and company is much more stimulating.

In addition to all the other things there is the difference of clients behaviour. Most of the times it is not a serious problem, but we know how are some people who had a little bit of more alcohol, or just had a bad day. It is important to remind them that Barking escorts are being booked to have some fun and not for anything else. Even if that sometimes means to call the police.

Luckily, the Barking escorts agency is keeping a secret and very discreet base of customers likes and behaviours or special requests. In general most customers realize the cheap prices and good services of Barking escorts that they are paying for and they don’t want to get black listed and not get any more of it so they behave.

The job as a river of Barking escorts get more interesting and exciting in other aspects of the job, let me tell you about it. As part of making the girls feel comfortable with her client we as drivers of Barking escorts have to make sure the property is safe and to collect the cash from the person who booked them. It is just a way to make the girls feel safer in their job, knowing that there is a man in a car waiting outside just in case.

As a driver we have to expect the unexpected, always.

The Sexiest Legs in LondonOn one of my very first jobs, I was given a crazy of a situation, the type you can’t just write down.  I had been assigned to take one of the Barking escorts called Katy to the northern part of Barking where a young Indian man wanted to book her for one hour with slim British girl.  When we arrived at the address the standard thing with greetings and payment being taken, but we I asked him the question of whether there were other people in the property, he tried to lie by saying that his friends are asleep in the other room but that wouldn’t be a problem.

I was left wondering how he imagine this to happen, but didn’t lose my cool and the control of the situation. I looked at Katy and to my surprise she just said “We better keep it quite then”. That was what a real professional Barking escorts responds to a situation like this. There was no surprise in her eyes, these girls have seen it all. What else was there to do, just got back to the car and marked the timer.

Working as a driver of Barking escorts for more than Six months, now it starts to be something normal to see familiar faces and addresses. And when times goes on, these regulars start to me friendlier to the girls that they book from Barking escorts by 123LondonEscorts. It was very unusual to be welcomed in for a beer and a chat about the football results and the all favourite weather in England.

The biggest issue for me was the legality of the work, but it turns out that Barking escorts and in all UK is absolutely legal. No one can stop these girls from doing whatever they want.