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We are constantly looking for new sexy girls to fill up our list of amazing and cheap London escorts. has a lot of girls working with us, but we are open and welcome to new faces, who can bring their own personality and make our team even more diversified. The success of our website is in the big choice of real girls, presented the right way.

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If you think that you are sexy and attractive for men, or you have noticed people from the opposite sex to be interested in you, then you can be one of our cheap London escorts easily. We are not the ones that will judge you and tell if you are beautiful. We will leave that to the visitors of So do not hesitate to apply and don’t worry that we may refuse. We will do everything to help you build your profile on our website and make it public. Then the visitors will decide whether they want to book you or not. The more bookings you have, the more money you make. So time will show if you are suitable for this type of work or not.

What personality an escort should have and how to behave.

On first place it is important to have personality. We are not looking to make all the cheap escorts like robots and be all the same. So personality is important. How to behave? It is up to you. We are sure you know better than as how to flirt with men and how to make them feel comfortable in your presence. We can only tell you what our customers are looking for, call it “best sellers” attitude. The cheap London escorts, which have most jobs per night, are usually party girls. They are happy, energised, open to try new things and always ready to party. The other thing that men look for is for nice, sweet and tender girls. Someone to be nice and to take care of them!

How much does a cheap London escort get paid?

Our website is not like others. Other agencies usually take all the money and then they pay the escort for the job, like to an employee. With us things are different. You are a self-employed person, who charges her customers the price of the service, which is £80 per hour. You take all the money. We are just a marketing agency that advertises your services. So the more customers like you, the more jobs you do. The more jobs you do, the more money you make.

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How to become one of the cheap London escorts on 123 London Escorts? Send as a simple e-mail on containing some information about you and at least 5 sexy pictures of yourself. By information we mean to tell something about yourself and your personality. Tell us your measures as well. The pictures may not be professional, but if we don’t like them, if they are not appropriate for our website we may ask you to visit a professional photographer.

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