What most men have been ashamed of – East London escorts

East London EscortsWe don’t believe that you are very shy and shame person if you are one of our customers and you are booking East London escorts we are definite that you are not shy. But there are some moments in men’s life that it is absolutely normal to be ashamed of yourself. Here we will point some of the situations that most men are feeling shamed and I will add the comments of our East London escorts and the situations where these ladies can help or could have helped. Keep reading to establish if these sort of things have happened before to you and remind yourself how you reacted at that point.

Loss on any game in front a woman

This represent you loosing on a game or a bet in front of the East London escorts or another lady that you are trying to impress. It can be a game of hand wrestling that you loose and it can’t be worst for you…well it can be actually – if you loose from her. You can loose on a computer game from East London escorts or to lose your football game with friends on a weekend. Or loosing on cards. Doesn’t matter what you lose, even the smallest loss can be painful and to become very embarrassing for the men.

In loosing East London escorts can’t help much, except if you want their company instead of other girl, in that case I can assure you that you don’t really have to win or to feel embarrassed from loosing as East London escorts don’t really mind. They know you are paying per the hour for their services and for these ladies you are the winner, no matter the score.

Your Height Can Be A Reason To Be Ashamed

This of course is not your fault and there is nothing you can do. But it is quit uncomfortable if the lady next to you, your wife or the woman that you are trying to hook up with in the bar is taller than you. You may say that it doesn’t matter. The joke that in horizontal position all people are equal may work when you are actually in horizontal position with her, but alone in the bed. When you are together in a company of other people and the lady, especially in high heels is higher than you then you will not really feel comfy.

When you are booking a lady from our website and you take one of our East London escorts you can have a look in their profile and check their height to make sure that she will not make you feel embarrassed from it in public. But if you like taller girls don’t bend over to the public opinion and just book the East London escorts that you really like and want to be with you.

Sexual embarrassment with East London escorts

Sexy Slim Bikini ModelAfter the first try, lets say, you were too quick and couldn’t resist the beauty. You finished in the first 30 seconds and this is not a real reason to be proud of yourself and your sexual power. Maybe the second time you will be amazing but it will be hard to fight the shame in front of the lady. You have to fight it and come back with pride, but it won’t be easy.

The good news is that East London escorts are professionals and they know how not to embarrass you or to make you feel like that. They know that they are irresistible and it is a common thing men to finish quick and without “a fight” but their trained and experienced side is to make you come second time and to feel good and satisfied of the encounter with East London escorts. It is really hard to find escorts in East London at a good price who are so professional and patient with men. And here at 123LondonEscorts you can have that for the cheapest price in the web of £80 per hour. You know what you have to do if you want to book East London escorts with us, right?

A mistake in an argument

You had an argument with East London escorts or another lady and you were like a thousand presents sure that you are right and maybe you even bet on that. But then you checked and it turned out that you were wrong. No reason to discuss it, it is an embarrassment and it is normal not to feel great with the other side of the argument, especially if it is a woman. It is normal and decent to admit your mistake but not to apologise 15 times and to cry like a girl. You have to be decent and hones with the lady, especially the ones from East London escorts

Body Sounds Like Farts

The Germans would say that these thigs are absolutely natural and human things to Brunette Escorts in east Londoncome out of your body, they are not ashamed of it at all. But when it comes to romantic environment with East London escorts or even with any other lady, don’t let yourself release any gas from the inside. If in bed just before or during sexual intercourse it is absolutely forbidden thing. Don’t do it except…actually don’t do it never, ever.

Rudeness With a Lady Is Really Bad Stuff

To be rude and to hurt a lady even if you are paying for her company like you would for East London escorts is a really bad and unacceptable for any gentlemen. Yes there are some women who will stand all the rudeness and to be insulted and yelled at, but most of them are not going to stand that. It is normal for any men to get nervous some times and to explode in many situations but it is a skill of the real men and gentlemen to control himself, especially in the presence of a woman or a kid.

To tell you straight, if you think that you can yell and shout and abuse East London escorts, you are very wrong. The first think that they will do if you show any sign of abusiveness is for them to leave. If you manage to convince them to stay or force them to, then they or we from the agency will contact the police straight away and you won’t get away with it. East London escorts are professionals and they know that it is not good for business to call police or to get in low battles, so they prefer not to get in touch with that type of men at all. They do their evaluation of the customer first on the phone and if they suspect problems, they will simply turn down the booking.

East London escorts and only they can turn down a booking at any time and for any reason. We as their agents or partners can’t tell them which customer they have to serve and which not to, It is entirely East London escorts job to decide that.