Eight Incredible Stories For Sex With London Escorts

London Escorts - Sex EverywhereWe, all men on this world have dreamed about the unexpected sex with an unknown woman and we have watched movies and porn scenes how this is happening all out of the blue. But what exactly is the feeling and how is actually happening this in reality. Let’s find out right now. But before I continue my story, let me tell you that you could expect the unexpected from London escorts of 123LondonEscorts at any time. So if after reading this article you still want to have that unexpected sex with an unexpected partner book London escorts from this website and you will experience it yourself. At least to clear the story for yourself.

Here are some more realistic stories that can happen in a normal human’s life. Not some crazy fantasy from porn movies.

Sex on a building site.

I met a girl in a bar. We liked each other from first sight and after a really short time we start making out, called a taxi. We couldn’t make it to the hotel room that she was staying and made it in the building site next to the carpark. That may have happened to many people but in another country not UK. Here the building sites are well secured and almost impossible to hide in and make sex with a stranger. London escorts wouldn’t even approach such a place, and absolutely no way to make sex with you in a building place. If you are the owner of the building site and have some sort of comfortable shed there, maybe if you know each other well. Then maybe, maybe London escorts will do it for your pleasure.

Sex With London Escorts on Your Best Mate Wedding

On the wedding of your best mate, which was out of the city. And all the guests are staying in a Hotel. There is a large chance that you will meet some beautiful best maids. And after the party ends you get the lift up, and all of a sudden the best looking maid comes in and says that she haven’t booked a room. You give her your key and when you get back to the room, to your surprise it turns out that she really went there and not only that – you find her all naked and hot on the bed, waiting with open legs.

Young Brunette EscortsThis is a bit crazy story, but not that un-common. The girls are crazy about weddings and they get all sensitive and open to meet the right guy, exactly that night. They are ready to make sex just because they are excited and maybe be a little bit tipsy. But if they are not or just you are not the lucky one, then just call us and book London escorts. These ladies will for sure get you laid, as that is actually their job. But they, like any other woman love weddings and will feel the need to make sex with someone at the end of the night.

Sex in a toilette with London escorts from 123LondonEscorts

One friend told me a story that he had an arrangement with a friend to go for a pint in the pub. His friend came with a sexy, gorgeous girl, who’s name he could not remember. She was one of the London escorts from our agency. But what he did remember was that his first thought was that tonight he will make sex with London escorts. They had one too many drinks and she started touching his donkey under the jeans. After few minutes they find themselves somehow in the toilet, where he made great sex with one of the best London escorts he has seen. Or at least that’s how he remember her. Then they returned to their drinks and kept drinking until they forget. But he couldn’t forget that fabulouse time with London escorts in a public house’s toilet.

Sex in a tent with a stranger

When you go to some of these big festivals with tents and you meet a very beautiful woman, as there are always many horny and pretty girls. Some men just get so excited and impressed, but also under the influences of alcohol that they would just go there and kiss her. She might take you to her tend, where obviously you will not just kiss and probably will make a very ruff, animalistic sex without even exchanging a word.

But some of our London escorts would love to come with you to a festival and enjoy some tent time too. Just ask before you book and explain what is your plan. They, as any other woman don’t like to be surprised.

To wake up with a condom stuck to your leg

One guy was just getting home from work and was waiting for the bus which was coming late. On the bus stop there were two other girls waiting. Who happened to be London escorts looking for work. They started talking to that guy and asked him if he wants to go home with them just for one drink. He said that they were very cute and sweet and he could not resist. It turned out that one drink is not enough and he could not even remember when London escorts took his clothes off. They had sex for long and on the next morning he woke up with a condom stuck on his leg. But it was an amazing experience, that he paid just a small amount of money to London escorts from 123LondonEscorts.

There was no one else to fix that London escorts

I have a friend who is gay, who was out one night with his gay friends and among them there was one lady, who had just broken up with her boyfriend. She was not London escorts, but she looked amazing. So this guy texted me that they are with a sexy girl who is not London escorts and needs sex, but they are all gays. So he actually needs me. I first thought that he is joking, but when I got there he was no – it was a real problem for them. It was strange to meet another girl that is not an escort in London but at the end we really had sex.

Will you make sex with me?

I was in a bar with few friends and next to us there were many beautiful girls, who were actually London escorts. After some cheering and joking one of them touched my leg with the heel of her shoes. I was with my back towards her so I turned around when she said: “ Will you fuck me tonight?” Of course that I could not refuse to a beautiful London escorts. After all it is very rude to refuse.

My friends were questioning my abilities

Sexy Sweet Girl - Sex In The ToiletI was out for a dinner with two friends and their girlfriends. We were not having a great time at all because at some point they all started to make out and I was the fifth gear and I felt it was not my place there. I got upset and kind of angry so I just grabbed some girl in the crowd. It turn out she is one of the London escorts of 123LondonEscorts.co.uk. We didn’t just enjoyed the kisses and it went to the bedroom. Where we made an amazing sex, few times. It was more than nice, I would say that London escorts are amazing in what they do. We never saw each other again, but the night was perfect with that finish.