Top Ten Etiquette Rules For Escorts In London

Beautiful Escort With Good EtiquetteYes, it turns out that the etiquette is not only for the royalties and the rich. It is absolutely realistic and unabolished part of the everyday life on escorts in London. And here in 123LondonEscorts we are paying a big tribute and attention to our ladies and their manners and sticking to the good etiquette to being a lady. When it comes to being on public places and more special occasions, which escorts in London have to attend very often in their work. Here we are going to give you a list of 10 recommendations and advices in this direction which 123LondonEscorts ladies are following very successful.

Switch your phone to vibrations only.

Escorts in London are well trained in this and they almost never turn their phone on sound. But especially when in public places with their customers they even go further and put it to complete silent mode with no vibration.  Places like theatre, library, cinema and so on are absolutely phone free for a good people with etiquette.

Always ask if they mind before smoking a cigarette.

If the escorts in London are smokers, which is not a rare thing, they will politely ask their customer or company if they mind if they smoke a cigarette or they would hate it. Some non-smokers really hate the smell and will say please don’t, but some would swallow the bad smell and sacrifice for the beauty of their escorts in London.

Using Staircase With Escorts In London

When climbing stairs most people would think that the lady is first, but that is wrong most ladies don’t like the idea of climbing up first and knowing that the gentlemen is behind probably staring at their ass, as it usually gets in front of your nose. Escorts in London don’t mind that, but would keep the good etiquette and stay behind when climbing stairs and in front when going down. They should also keep a distance of 2-3 steps.

Passing Close To Others Always Face To Face

I know it is very tempting to think how sexy escorts in London are passing with their ass towards you and even rubbing it in your thing, but the etiquette is to pass each other face to face. It is very un-polite doing the opposite especially in theatres, cinemas and operas when trying to reach your place. But don’t worry our escorts in London are well mannered and they know how to do it. They also know when they can be naughty and rub their ass in someone’s jeans zip. But that can happen in a club or other appropriate place, and 123LondonEscorts will never embarrass you in public.

Don’t Ask Religious, Political And Romantic Questions In Official Environment.

If you are on a romantic dinner with a escorts in London of course you can talk anything that is interested to you. And the ladies often want to know more about their man company too. They like to talk and will tell you everything that you are interested in. But in more official environment with others in the meeting they will keep the good etiquette and will not ask or discuss any religious and political topics as well as romantic ones. Escorts in London understand the awkward situation they would fall in if they say something about a religion and then someone of the participants turns out to be part of the particular religious group. Another reason for not talking on these topics for escorts in London is that they know how some people can be fired of them and can’t stop arguing and talking after once it was started.

Escorts in London Will Always Walk On Your Left Side

A Gorgeous Lady From Escorts In LondonThere are exceptions in this rule of etiquette of course. One of them is when the man in her company is a military and he has to be ready to salute at any given time. Another one is when the man can only hear with his left ear. But in general rule of etiquette is that the lady, in this case one of escorts in London, has to be on the right side of her man.

When Someone Kisses Their Hand They Will Hold It on The Level Of Her Chest

A real lady and 123LondonEscorts escorts in London will not allow any man to pull her hand toward him to kiss her. The man has to bend toward her to kiss it. Escorts in London are ladies and gentlemen should kiss their hands on meeting. Don’t forget this and don’t treat them like whore as they are professional escorts in London and the difference is huge.

Never Ask To Intimate Questions With Fairly Familiar People

It is not polite if a person start asking someone that he barely knows some very intimate or deep questions like “which is your favorite sex position” or “on which side of the bed you sleep”. Leave these questions for when you really get to know each other. This means that escorts in London will not ask you and will not feel comfortable in answering such questions in the first few dates with you. But after you have passed few successful dates you go to the next level of communication with escorts in London.

Escorts in London Will Let You Talk

Usually when dating a woman the man should listen more and let the lady talk, they Sophisticated Lady From Escorts In Londonshould ask the right questions and pay attention to the answers. But when you book escorts in London it is expected that you want a beautiful lady for company and probably you need to share your thoughts, pains and happiness. But the ladies from 123LondonEscorts have a limit and they won’t blaze too much with smart talks and tries to shine and make you feel miserable. They are taught to be polite and to stick to the good etiquette.

Always Offer To Pay Half Of The Bill

The last tenth in this list of advices for good etiquette of escorts in London is the paying of the bill. 123LondonEscorts ladies will offer to pay their share of the dinner bill, but be sure this is just being polite and of course your share of being a well-mannered gentleman is to pay it is full. But guys, never show off too much and repeat that you will pay, you will pay “I am the rich one, I am the man I will pay” just fucking pay it and get over it. You are the man, you booked the escorts in London and you are supposed to pay the restaurant bill too. That’s it! Get over it!

So guys if you are convinced with how good etiquette are our escorts in London just call us and book one. It is always better to have a look in the gallery first and then choose the lady that you want to meet. There you can see some great pictures of the escorts in London and then just tell us her name and you can meet her as soon as 30 min after you call. They all are just £80 per hour and you hardly can get a better deal in the city, especially regarding a good quality escorts in London.