The type of women men dream most of and how London escorts can help

Stunning Blonde London Escorts BoobsIt is not a secret that every man has sexual fantasies, dreams and some almost unrealistic wishes about certain ladies. It turns out that this is absolutely normal according to the British scientists after a recent study of men at the ages between 19 and 50. After a serious analyses of the results it turns out that the most common sexual fantasies are not so different among the men. Here we will show you all of the common sexual fantasies of men in the UK, we will describe them and inhance them with some sexy pictures and tell you how the sexy London escorts from can help you to realize or surpass these sometimes painfully strong desires.

Woman Close To A Friend

This is a very common answer of men for their sexual fantasies. It can be regarding the wife of a friend, his girlfriend, his sister, cousin and very often his mother. I know this sounds a like something between a lack of man’s solidarity and some sort of emotional problems from childhood but it is the naked truth. The reasons are simple, men just see the woman close to a friend as nice person, because she is their friend’s girl, but if she is even a little bit beautiful and then she automatically becomes a sexual fantasy for the victim.

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The second most common sexual fantasy – a famous woman

It sounds a little bit like teenage years right? The times when you are naive and your sexual world is limited to the things you see on TV or Social network. The sexy Classy London Escorts Cocktail Datepictures, the great colours, the perfect skin and smile, hair and all that is hard to avoid and not to dream about a sexual experience with these girls. But for grown-ups a regular sexual fantasies are also actresses, singers, dancers, TV presenters and any other media personalities. A man sees them on the big screen or on the stage, then decides that they are great, famous and attractive. Every man wants them and this also makes you want them too. At this point it hits you and now you are thinking of them every night before going to sleep.

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The Stranger From London Escorts

One of the most spread men secret sexual wishes, said the scientists is to have sex with a complete stranger. They say that it is extremely interesting to meet someone just for sex, after you just met each other an hour ago in a bar or even in one of these new websites. Well they haven’t thought of meeting London escorts. It is even more extreme to meet different London escorts every night. We have enough girls to fulfil this desire for a month and then I am sure that new girls will join our London escorts fleet.

Yes, there is something powering the sexual feelings in the prospect of having sex or any sexual action with a woman that you have never met before. You don’t know much about her, just that she looks sexy, smells sexy, wears sexy and have that playful attitude for you. London escorts are naturally in that role, as they are not someone you can know from before. They will meet you and just make your sexual fantasies with a stranger reality with an ease. To keep it interesting and exciting we advise you to book different London escorts every time. This will satisfy your sexual fantasies of making it with a stranger and will keep you interested in the next meeting with the very sexy and never met before London escorts.

The Sexy Colleague

Many of the men who participated in this study of the British scientists answered that exactly their woman colleague is their big sexual dream and some admit that the idea has come from some scene in a porn movie. This doesn’t mean that the woman they were talking about is not beautiful, but the men who answered this question said too much details in what they would do with her if they had the chance. In many case that dream come from the lack of women at work and from the lack of other sexual object where to concentrate on their energy on. And the long hours spent at work, as well as the close relations there as often it is like one big family.

Busty Blonde Escorts From 123LondonEscortsWith London escorts you have the option of role play or service that will help you enjoy your meeting with the lady. When you book a girl from our gallery you can check if she provides this service, but most of our girls do. And it is nice to know that the London escorts from 123LondonEscorts are not charging any extra for this service. So what role play means is that you can play roles with the lady from London escorts. You can ask her to be your colleague and to act like one. She can wear like a sexy secretary and to put glasses on. London escorts can play as hardly approachable woman but then softens and attacks you for wild sex on the office printer.

To Be With A Porn Star Is Another Sexual Fantasy

The last sexual fantasy of the list is no surprise for anyone, and it barely need any describing or commenting. Just turn on the porn channel on your TV or browse to the porn websites to enhance your fantasy. But to be with some of the stunning pornstars with huge silicon boobs is an occasional fantasy for every man. You don’t actually need much of a fantasy as everything is there on display. But the great thing to be with a pornstar from London escorts is that they can do the moves, they can turn the way other women can’t. And they know so many positions and ways to make you hard, that really you can only dream for the moment when that woman will knock on your door. But let me remind you that this is a very easy reachable dream with London escorts from 123LondonEscorts as they are just a call away and the price is as low as £80 per hour. No other expenses, no dinner costs, no taxi costs, just the £80 that you give for the pornstar experience of London escorts.

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