What women love to say, according to West London escorts

What Women Love To SayThe phrases that women love to use are not just one or two, that is because they just love to talk and this is obvious to everyone. Yes, yes, we know very well that every woman is different. But there are phrases and expressions that every woman, sooner or later uses. We are sure that there is no way that you haven’t heard them, but if you still honestly haven’t get ready and read what 123LondonEscorts and our West London escorts have prepared for you with the most common phrases and probably the most annoying too.

West London escorts as part of our arsenal of beautiful escorts on our website who are working hard to satisfy you for the lowest price in the market of just £80 per hour, have entered this poll with suggestions and comments on these popular and annoying phrases of women around the world. West London escorts first as women, and second as professionals who are communicating very often with men around the capital and especially in West London have given us their opinion on the topic. And this is a very precious opinion as these beauties of West London are listening to moaning husband on an hourly basis. West London escorts are like psychiatrists regarding the matters of men.

But enough with the introduction, let’s get down to  list of these popular phrases suggested by West London escorts.

Clean After Yourself!

Beautiful Blonde Escorts in West London - 123LondonEscorts.co.ukHere comes the first of the phrases that is so common that almost every women uses it. And believe us it is not your fault. According West London escorts this is the first words that stay on a woman’s lips after she starts living with her man.

There is a chance that even if you are extremely hygienic and tidy man, but she won’t be happy enough with it. There is always a chance that you have left some crumbles behind or you haven’t washed the glass perfectly, or you have missed some spots on the table. But don’t be shocked – it is proven that even if we do our best, men have no vision and feeling for the hygiene as the women does. But it would be great if the woman next to these men realize it too. As according to West London escorts this under-appreciating and constant moaning can discourage any man to even try to go under the sheets. It is like being shout at from his mother, most men will loose any sexual desire toward the woman who reminds them the bad sides of their mother. Well except for those who have a fetish toward that and here West London escorts can and could help you best as they can be even more dominant – that is the term for a woman who is controlling and bad – Dominant escorts.

Every Man Hates It According To West London Escorts – “I have a headache”

Every man hates and there is no need for West London escorts to tell us this. We all know it, we all have heard it and it is annoying. This is the universal way for a woman Tall Gorgeous Model - 123LondonEscortsto refuse a proposal for sex. How on earth is it possible that they have a headache exactly when we want to have fun in the bed. Why they never have it when it is time for shopping, for example?

Our beautiful ladies from West London escorts are suggesting the women, who are reading this blog to stop using headache as an excuse. First of all – if you really have a headache, sex is the best way to heal it. Second – don’t find excuse to say no to your men, just give it to him or he will start looking for West London escorts to take that role. And then you silly women will never have him back, as he will love the attention from our sexy ladies.

Have I become fat?

Ross from the famous TV show and West London escorts are agreeing with him, that if a woman asks you this question, without even looking at her you have to instantly say “No”. Otherwise, God to be with you. This is another annoying question which has no right answer actually, but you best chance is to do what West London escorts tell you.

And women please, if you don’t want to hear the answer, don’t ask the question. But this may be just a trap to see your reaction. Every women, almost every day thinks that she may be fat. Or she might think that you think she is fat. This is complicated women’s things – just say NO.

How do I look in this dress?

West London escorts are suggesting that here important is to remember the previous point and to say straight away, without even looking at her – “Great”. But it is never enough – women expect to hear that you see the details. You have to explain that this colour suits her eyes perfectly or her hair, or her nail polish. No matter what, just make sure she has a nail polish on her, otherwise you are in trouble. West London escorts have another secret answer that always help too – This dress underline your beautiful waist. Or if you are more creative you can do even better. Just show interest and that you pay attention to details.

Women love to say – “Nothing”

This usually is the answer to our question “what is wrong?”. Women always say “Nothing” and we have to try and guess what the real problem is. Do you remember that great movie with Mell Gibson – What women want? Well if we could read their mind everything could be even worse that it is. West London escorts are suggesting that if a woman says “nothing” it means there is something that she wants us to find and calm her down. Usually it means that you have done something and she doesn’t want to tell you, because if you really love her you will know what wrong have you done. It sounds complicated right.

With West London escorts we were laughing on how women say “Nothing” and then they can spend days in sulks. But the ladies from West London escorts understand our masculine nature and they know well that it is much better for us and in general if a woman really want to solve the problem, she just have to tell us what it is. Otherwise she is just making the situation worse.

Things that you will never hear from West London escorts

Beautiful West London EscortsIn 123LondonEscorts we are working hard to get you the best girls for the comfortable price of just £80 per hour. And compared to other agencies we are managing to deliver it. West London escorts is a part of our business that is more sophisticated and classy, but the price per hour remains the same. These sexy ladies in West London are professional escorts and you will never hear them say any of these silly phrases that most of the other women use. West London escorts know your needs and understand very well that the reason to look for them is exactly because they are not your wife and they will not behave like one.

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